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Dentist Paul Horton and his dental team want to help you achieve your smile goals.

Porcelain Bridges and Crowns

If you are missing a tooth, a lifelike porcelain bridge can be an aesthetically pleasing solution for fixing your smile.

If your existing tooth has been compromised by decay or cracks, a porcelain crown can be placed to restore your tooth’s function in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Before/After Lower Tori Removal (bony protuberance) and Lower Implants to Secure Lower Denture

Benefits: Tori are present in approximately 40% of the population and usually do not cause any problems. However, they can cause issues when a lower denture is recommended to replace missing teeth. Tori can cause significant discomfort under a denture. Dental implants are an effective restorative treatment because they closely mimic the form and function of natural teeth, stimulating your jaw and promoting bone retention. Don’t settle for pain and discomfort! We can help. Call for a consultation today.

Before/After MI Paste Plus Treatment for White Spot lesions

White spots are areas on the tooth surface that appear bright white because minerals have been lost from the tooth, a process called decalcification.

Decalcification can occur for the following reasons: 

  • Inadequate removal of plaque around brackets during orthodontic treatment 
  • Overconsumption of acidic sugary beverages 
  •  Overall poor dental hygiene habits 
  • Changes during the development of the tooth 


We are now offering in-office treatments to reduce the appearance of white spots lesions which help restore the lost minerals and give the teeth a more even-looking appearance.


  • Visit #1- take before photos of the white spot lesions and take impressions for custom-fitted trays to use at home. The custom trays can also be used as whitening trays after treatment is completed. 
  • Visit #2- Fit the custom trays and start with the first treatment which consists of: 
    • Polish with pumice
    • Acid Etch of the white spot lesions 
    • Polish with MI paste plus
    • Wear home your custom trays with MI paste 

The amount of treatment visits needed can vary from patient to patient. 

Compliance with home care and the use of the tray system is very important during treatment. If you are not committed to following the home-care instructions, treatment results may suffer.