Volleyball Net on a Beach

My colleague and friend, Dr. Steven Guelff lost his beloved wife Lori January 12th to esophageal
cancer. Lori battled cancer with tenacity and grace with Steve right by her side in support. I
stopped by to see Steve at his orthodontic office last Friday. My intention was to reach out to
him to lift him up. However, it was Steve who lifted my spirits! He shared his testimony of how
the Lord put special people in his life during the process of caring for Lori while being treated
for cancer. He shared how he felt led by the Spirit to make certain decisions with clarity and
comfort during this time.

On Saturday, I enjoyed my daughter’s first tournament of the 2019 travel volleyball season in
Saint Helen near Deltona, Florida. These tournaments are often 15 hour days due to travel
time, play time, and fellowship time. It’s the fellowship time with other parents that I truly
enjoy the most. I got to catch up with my friend Joseph Bullington, who recently purchased an
Allstate Insurance Agency in Winter Haven. I truly enjoyed our back and forth banter about life,
business, and family. Best of luck in this new endeavor, Joseph. I know you’ll do well!

While at the volleyball tournament, I was also able to catch up with Isaac Durrance, who was
there with his daughter. Isaac is our newly elected school board member from the Avon Park
district. He shared a little about what’s involved with running an election campaign. We briefly
chatted about young daughters and their boyfriends, and the important role dads have
regarding setting up dating guidelines.

Lastly, it was refreshing and uplifting to see Lena’s volleyball coach, Chris Doty lead their team
in such a positive manner. They won Gold with only one lost set the whole day, it was a truly enjoyable day!