Dentist chair

Are you avoiding the dental chair due to anxiety or fear of pain? If your answer is yes, you are
not alone! Many patients avoid the dental office at all costs due to anxiety or fear.

Laughing gas is completely safe when administered by a professional.

There’s a reason why nitrous oxide has been a popular anesthetic for so long. Inhalation of the
gas is perfectly safe and has no impact on the brain, lungs, kidneys, heart, or liver. This is a
benefit to the patient because once the nitrous oxide is terminated and he or she is placed on
100% oxygen at the end of the procedure, the patient is restored to his or her normal state of
consciousness and can resume daily activities.

Laughing gas is easily administered.

If you’re afraid of needles, you’re in luck! Nitrous oxide does not require an injection for
administration. Instead, laughing gas is diffused through a mask, where the anesthetic is
absorbed through the lungs. Once it is inhaled, the patient will be more relaxed in the dental
chair. This helps alleviate the anxiety of receiving the local anesthetic injection to numb the
areas being treated. This results in a comfortable, pain free, and anxiety free dental visit!

Patient selection

A few contraindications for nitrous oxide sedation are pregnant women in the first trimester,
patients suffering from COPD, patients with upper respiratory tract infections and middle ear
disturbances, patients suffering from psychological disturbances, and current or recovering
drug addictions.